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15 March. The Kids’ll read if they see you reading. Seemple.

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There’s a bit of progress on the campaign front but I still need guidance to get this one going properly.

I reckon if schools could persuade parents to be seen enjoying a book, reading skills among their children would rise noticeably. But how to communicate this?  My following on Twitter is minuscule but there must be ways of reaching out to influential groups that I don’t know about. I sent a tweet to @huffpostparents which has a large following; so does @love2read2013 – but these are really only messages in a couple of bottles.

So far people have tweeted these slogans and comments of which my favourite is:

Read a book; raise a reader. (@Readitdaddy)

This is snappy, too: Readers raise readers. (@cjfriess)

And how about: Reading breeds readers. Read a book, share a book; raise a reader. (@CarmelHasselup)

Big bookworms were little bookworms once. (@laying the table) is cute, too.

“Quite right. I’m also looking at the influence of ebooks: my son is far more likely to pick up a book if he sees dad reading,”  writes (@DeborahFielden)

The problem is that none of these quite carries the essential idea that kids will only accept that books matter outside school if they see their mum or dad enjoying them.

I know that reading books with/to children makes a difference, as does supplying books to children and taking kids to the library to choose. But what I want to drive home is that simply being seen reading a book matters. It sends a powerful (and hitherto underestimated) message to children.

Maybe I should try hashtag literacy. But where’s the hashtag key?


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