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If you like Meerkats…

November 21, 2011 - Filed under: Blog - Comments (4)

If you like meerkats and you like books that are full of fun and action, you’ll love Meerkat Madness and More Meerkat Madness.  Here’s the thing. Ex-King Fearless is an ex-alpha-male who was once the star of a hit wildlife show. He commanded not only a large and thriving mob, but the  Blah‐Blahs (humans) who bowed down to him and brought him food and took pictures of him. They showed their respect by presenting him with a special radio-collar. Then, when he was half-blinded and badly injured by an eagle‐owl, everything changed .

Now he’s reduced to being just plain old Uncle Fearless, babysitter to a ragtag little band of orphan meerkat kits. His adventuring days appear to be over. But hang on! When the kits find a mysterious object buried in the sand, it isn’t long before they are all caught up in the a series of fur-raising and life-changing events that bring out the hero in all of them.  

A Silent Plea

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A silent plea. Rather alarmingly, I’ve lost my voice and shutting up for several days doesn’t seem to have helped. Never mind, I shall scream quietly into cyberspace and play the sympathy-card.
I’m working on a novel. This may go on for some time and may crash and burn, but if I give you hint, maybe some kind soul would can to do a bit of reminiscing for me that could go into the mix. I’m interested in writing about Margate in the days when its cultural centre was the Dreamland complex of cinema, ballroom, skating rinks and funfair and in particular during the period 1950 to 1958 when RAF Manston was taken over by the United States Air Force. Do you remember those days? Do you fancy talking to me about them?  Ah g’wan, g’wan…