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Hopes Spring with Oscar

September 9, 2012 - Filed under: Blog - Leave a comment

I’ve just had my favourite Olympic moment – looking at the photo that my friend Sarah Hope has texted me of her shyly-smiling daughter, Pollyanna, with a beaming Pistorius, soon after he won his 400m gold medal. Remember Little Pollyanna Hope? She was the two-year old who lost her leg and her grandmother – and almost her terribly-injured mother – at a bus station when a driver had a fit of road rage. Well here she is, five years later, proudly enjoying a moment with the man who has done more than anybody to make being an amputee cool. As Jim White points in his column in the Telegraph today, people like Oscar and Pollyanna haven’t won tv talent contests. It has taken years of pain, sacrifice, work, determination and a lot of dedicated support from family and friends to carve out what they’ve achieved.

Thanks to the Paralympics, people see the disabled in a different way ; we can all see new possibilities. While Oscar and his fellow Olympians have encouraged thousands of people, able-bodied or otherwise, to take up sports, or simply to get out there with a new confidence, Pollyanna and the Hope family are busy raising money to provide prosthetic limbs for kids in countries without a National Health Service to support them. elizabethslegacyofhope.org it’s called. So here’s a pic of one legacy joining forces with another. Cheers!


Plum Thrilled

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Up betimes to blue skies and bruises from yesterday’s foray among the weeds in the garden and brooding on the death of my cousin Andrew. He was the brains of the family, the Civil Servant; quiet, shy, with a dry sense of humour. I shall miss his Christmas letters. (“ Rachel has bought a flat. That was quite enough excitement for us this year.”) He once turned up in a restaurant just at the point when a loud friend was annoyingly spotting and waving to other chums. (He’s a lawyer! She’s a shrink! etc) “Hello, Andrew,” I said, warmly shaking his hand. “How are things at the FO?” Thanks, Andrew.

Feeling virtuous having finished a new story (one of six new Books for Boys that Hodder have commissioned for an existing series) and thrilled by the last fat plums off our tree. Holly tells me I must tweet more. Isn’t 14 enough followers?

Magic Town

September 7, 2012 - Filed under: Blog - Leave a comment

Just downloaded the new and improved app for Magic Town on my ipad. I’ve test-driven it on my neighbour’s kids and they love it. OK, it’s got stories about Elmer, Winnie the Witch and the Little Princess, etc on there – but skip past those and have a look at The Shrinky Kid, the first of my series about a boy’s adventures inside a magic shoebox. You and your children can read-along with a beautifully illustrated and interactive version of Sing Boogie Boogie for FREE and at £3.99, Fix it with Bubblegum is a snip and a must have. Let me know what you think.

Little Wolf

September 3, 2012 - Filed under: Blog - Leave a comment

To celebrate Harper Collins re-issue of “Little Wolf’s Book of Badness” and Little Wolf’s Diary of Daring Deeds”, Ella and Fifi are here reciting one of Little Wolfs’s moving and mercifully short wolfly lullabies. As you can see, Fifi has entered fully into the spirit of Little Wolfs’s baby bruv, Smellybreff by over acting and unwarranted improvisation. Let me know if any other small brutes would like to perform an Little Wolf poetic work via the contact form. I shall then supply you with a suitable text and hansumly reward anything I like.