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January 6, 2014: A charming huff and puff

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More from the team that wowed with the Russian version of “Little Wolf’s Book of Badness”.  Here’s another charming huff and puff for “Little Wolf’s Diary of Daring Deeds” with notes from Nikolay about what Nastya is enthusing about. Isn’t she wonderful?


Dear Ian,
I found another video from Nastia Morozova) She tells about the book Diary of Daring Deeds. Nastya shows pages from the book, tells about author, illustr., publishing house and announces meeting with new heroes – the brothers of Little Wolf and Mr.Fox.
In this book she liked the moment when LW and his brother changed into a ghost to scare Mr. Fox. But frightened yourself!
In the end of speech she gives answers to previous questions. And also sets new questions!)

January 3rd, 2014. Happy New Ears from Russia

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I’ve just received another irresistible email from Nikolay Vorontsov, the illustrator of the Russian translation of the  Little Wolf series. The video he found on the web is so captivating in its performance that it breaks the language barrier.

Incidentally, LW himself was so delighted by it that he roused himself from a nice cosy hibernate to write a short article for Wolf Weekly – for which he is the Agony Nephew.
Here’s a link to this on my website page to this venerable vulpine  publication.

Happy New Ears!

Greetings Ian!

This is video I found on the network.
Little Russian girl Nastya talks about his favorite books. Among these books is the book about the adventures of Little Wolf.
Here she shows the first book, calls its authors, writer and artist. Then he reports Little Wolf, his adventures. Speak some of his letters to his parents. At the finish Nastya asks questions based on the book:

You know the rules of 9 badness Uncle Wolf?
Why burst uncle?
Which school has decided to open Little Wolf?

Very fun girl!))