Ian Whybrow

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Ian has published over 100 books and we are in the process of publishing a comprehensive list on this page.  Please check back soon.

New Books Just Out

Save That Train

Ghost Striker at the Football Club

Goldy, Superhamster

Rory's Piratical Leg

The Footballer from Outer Space

burglar to football star













Harry Books

Harry Chapter Books

Harry is 9 years old and thinks he’s too old for dinosaurs in a bucket. He’s put it back in the attic. Now he has something special on his keyring to call for help when he’s in trouble. And these days help comes BIG TIME! Raaaaah!

Little Wolf Series

Fun For All The Family

Little Wolf's Book of Badness

Little Wolf's Diary of Daring Deeds

Little Wolf Pack Leader







Little Wolf's Haunted Hall for Small Horrors

Little Wolf Terror of the Shivery Seas

Little Wolf Forest Detective







Little Wolf's Postbag

Little Wolf's Handy Book of Poems

Little Wolf's Big Book of Spooks and Clues









Little Wolf Picture Books

whats the time

badness for beginers

Books For Boys

If you like stories fast moving, action packed and funny, then these are for you. Great for reading together, tell your DAD (hint, hint)!

Through the cat flap

Theres a spell up my nose

the secret super hero

The Knights of the brown table

The boy who had nearly everything

Robin Hoods best shot

boy racer

Aliens stole my dog

Alex the walking

a footballer called flip

Whizz The Fleabag

The Magic Sneeze

Say Hello Books

Hmmm Touchy Feely


Snowy animals

Baby animals




Early Readers

Good Fun Farm

Scary Hair

The Steam Train

Ella the Superstar

George's Bright Idea

Picture Books

Baby for Grace


All Change

Along Came Bedtime

Animal Soup

Babies Can

Bella Gets Her Skates On

Bella Goes to school

Driving Down to Grandma's

Faraway Farm

Gently Bentley

Go to Bed, Doodlehead!

Goo Goo Gorilla

Hello is that Grandma

Hey, I Love You

I'd Rather Go to Grandad's

Jump In!

Little Farmer Joe

Little Wonder

Parcel for Stanley

Quacky quack-quack

Sissy Buttons Takes Charge

Star Baby

Stinky! Or how the beautiful smelly warthog found a friend

The Fying diggers

The Houseminders

The Magic Shoebox Farm

The Noisy Way to Bed

The Snow Friends

Three Little Rascals

Tim, Ted and the Pirates

Where's Bitesize

Where's Tim's Ted

Who's a Cheeky Baby

Wobble Bear

Wobble Bear Gets Busy

Wobble Bear Says Yellow

Pop-ups and Novelties

Goodnight, Little Monster

The Bedtime Bear A Pop-up Book for Bedtime

The Christmas Bear

The Tickle Book With pop-up surprises

The Shrinky Kid Books

Now a continuing digital series on

Can I Stand on Your Head

Fix it with bubbelgum

Red's Big Wish Day

Sing Boogie Boogie

Suggestions for 7+ Readers

Holly and the Skyboard

Miss Wire Christmas Surprise

Miss Wire Three Kind mice

Muckabout School

The Time Sailors

Books for Older Readers

Classic Christmas Stories

The Unvisibles

Also Available as Audio Books through

The Meerkat Madness Saga

Merry Meerkat Madness

Just Right For Christmas

Miss Wire Christmas Surprise

Merry Meerkat Madness

Classic Christmas Stories

The Christmas Bear