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City Spring Suddenly

February 16, 2016 - Filed under: Blog - Leave a comment

Glorious morning here in our new place in Cambridge – after a proper frost.

From my study window I look out on to a row of bare sycamores that mark the boundary line of what until recently has been a building site. Having seen no sign of life since we got here – apart from kids playing football on an all-weather pitch – I was heartened to see a day or two ago three long-tail tits trapezing among the twigs of what, when the leaves appear, will be the upper canopy. Two of the long-tails are back again today – with a whole crowd of tits and finches, a pair of blackbirds – even a spotted woodpecker.

Our new bookcase is nearly complete; I’ve been invited to supper with a local writing-group; I’ve signed off some charmingly revamped books illustrated by Axel Scheffler, received my copies of my contribution to a new CUP educational series; sorted out arrangements for working visits to Bangkok, Australia and China; written a couple of new texts and sent my carol off for approval to the director of the choir Ann and I have recently joined.

Move over Gerard Manley Hopkins. I have to tell you … I am feeling damn Suddenly.


City Spring Suddenly


In my patch of garden sky

Fractured by a leafless tree

Only the usual birds flew by:

Pigeon, gull, a stray magpie;

Nothing living else to see.


Then today, to justify

Hope above expectancy

Something shivering up high

Takes the corner of my eye

Where the canopy will be.


Barely-budding twiglets vie

To unseat a boisterous three

Long-tails. Shifting minims, they

Dip and dance, sing sweet and shy

Of Spring , of … Suddenly!

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