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Feb 28th, 2015. Fitness, Fastness and a Shrinking Latvian Chum

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Still able to play the sympathy card when I went to Hemel on Thursday to spend the day at Galley Hill Pri. it’s easy when you sound like the creature from the lagoon.

Invited by Emily the Literacy Co-ordinator to bring her 3 year-olds along to a session with Years 1 and 2, the lady who ran the afternoon nursery session very wisely decided that she would wait until she heard from the morning lady how her smalls got on with me. Come the afternoon, they turned up, the children blinking up apprehensively as 3 year-olds and baby owls do when they’re sat in a row in a strange room. The reports can’t have been too bad, then.

My darling has decided to fast on Tuesdays and Thursdays, inspired by a visit to old Latvian chums in Kington last week. Viktor had slimmed impressively by employing this method and Biruta assured us, “He gets ratty only in efenings”; so Ann decided that she’d give it a go. Biruta doesn’t say much. But she does like to get her oar in now and then. For example, Viktor was lamenting something that his put-upon- by- Nazis- and- Russians dad had told him “before he died…”

“Oh!” put in Biruta sweetly. “BEFORE he died, was it?”

Ann thought this was particularly neat, so I am expecting one or two chastening sideswipes as well as a more sylph-like companion.

Neatness of figure must have been on my mind this morning when I saw two mallards flying over Long Melford at astonishing speed early this morning:



One More Slice?

Those two ducks that just flew past

had their skates on!

How fat can you be and still go fast?

The debate’s on.



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