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July 19th 2013 Alarmed and Excursioned

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The chaps from ADT turned up and fitted our new security system. We needed one. The insurance people said so. And now we have large notices everywhere advising burglars of same.

Just in case the crooks are not fully on message with this one, I’ve had a military-looking chitty stapled to the front door, reading:

Attention All Unwanted Visitors

Now B.O. all you burglars!

As you can clearly see

We’ve gorn and got you covered

And that’s C/o ADT.


Should do the trick. And that’s YET ANOTHER interesting thing that has happened since yesterday when I went and

(a) Bought several new shirts

(b) Had lunch in Notting Hill with Robert Mann and chatted about a trip to Machu Pichu and the Galapagos Island

(c) Met Guy Fletcher after an interval of over forty years at his posh office in Berners Street, found out what the Chairman of the PRS has to do and chewed over an approach to a tasty little musical project.


OK – not that interesting. I know … but I don’t get out as much as other people.

And what about THIS?

This highly unusual hieroglyph appeared on the worktop in the kitchen . I am considering having it decrypted by NASA or GCHQ, because I can’t BELIEVE it can be attributable just to an inadvertent nudge to an early-morning mug of tea.



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