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July 23rd 2013.

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Thunderstorms as we headed north-west for Herefordshire – but not for long.

I’m slightly deflated by a gentle refusal from Guy to take up some ideas I have for songs – my head has been full of them for a few days. He’s beyond working speculatively and I don’t blame him. But I do hope I shall – one day soon – bump into a composer who’d like to work with me. I can’t think of anything that gives me more of a buzz.

So when a children’s writer (a Little Wolf enthusiast) in need of a plug dropped me a line to ask if I’d say something complimentary about her work to help get her going – she caught me in the vein as it were. I understand perfectly how she feels. We all need help – and a bit of luck – to get things rolling

That reminds me that an Iranian woman emailed me via the contact box on my website to tell me how much she liked Little Wolf. I had already had a little exchange with her, telling her that I was surprised to hear that the small brute had been translated into Persian. So just to prove it, she has emailed me the text. Iranian copyright laws are not quite in line with ours, she says – so I doubt whether I shall see any royalties.

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