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July 28th 2013. Distractions

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Up betimes on a cooler day than of late –  but a surprisingly bright one after the much needed rain.

In the ivy and the many-branched, long dead crab apple where the bird feeders hang, waves of sparrows, tits and finches gather and retreat with a whirring and clattering that’s palpable even through the closed window of the sitting-room. What stirs them at intervals is the spotted woodpecker. A playground bully, he comes periodically, leaning back like a raptor to show them his fiery rump, flapping and then hammering at the peanuts.

This is an irresistible distraction from what I should be doing, which is answering my mail and getting myself organised for the drive back to London. It’s been a week of distractions, mostly of a pleasant sort – heaving and digging in the garden, doing a bit of proof reading. Not much original work.

Peter, the gardener came early in the week, armed with a battery of flails and slicers. He attacked the hedges and helped me rip out the dead honeysuckle from the front of the house and then to pile up the mountain of rubbish. The heavy little shovel that he employed to get after the taproot of the honeysuckle turned out to be a ferreting tool – and he, generally cheery but a bit taciturn, became suddenly voluble, regretting the fact that his new partner won’t let him keep them when in the old days – “I was working, mind …” – he and his brother were hundred a week men when it came to rabbits.

Change made him melancholy and he talked of his pregnant daughter’s partner. “Twenty-two year old he is, sposed to be a painter and decorator like, but he’s never done more’n a couple or six weeks’ work in his life. Me and Venetia, we fixed em up with furniture’n stuff to go in their new place in Kington, like. And what does he do? Buys hisself one of them Playstations. He sits up in his room all day playing on it. I don’t understand it. Anyway, my daughter says not to bully im when I tells him what I thinks. I don’t get it. That riles me so much I won’t have im in the ouse.”

Personally, I’d pop a couple of ferrets up his shorts. Or a greater spotted woodpecker.

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