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Mar 11th 2015. A Small Blow for Higher Literacy Rates. www.literacytrust.org.uk

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The big green Cyclone van turned up at 8.40 this morning. Took away my old man. Felt like it, anyway. Twenty-five years-worth of foreign editions in a dozen boxes. I know it was vanity that kept them on my shelves and they’ll do better to be read than sit there reminding me of the absurdity of clinging to them like Silas Marner.

“You are only one of many and of poor account if any,” saith the poet. Stevie Smith, that is. To argue with myself that they might be worth a few bob – or of value to my grandchildren (who will probably be living in largely book-free homes) was crazy. And it was painfully easy to get the boxes from Waitrose. Nuff said. I have trusted the books to the National Literacy Trust. In case anyone else is teetering on the brink in this regard, here are the details.

Jason Vit: Literacy Hubs Manager 020 7820 6273


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