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March 18th How do you think parents would react to this letter from school?

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This is a draft letter, as yet untried. If your child’s school sent out something like this, would parents ignore it/ be angry about it – or do you think they’d rise to the challenge?  Could it be worded in another way to be more encouraging? I’d value your comments.  And if you think you can persuade your school to take part in the trial, please let me have some details.

I like the idea of starting this campaign in Chorleywood where the last Big Thing was the invention of sliced bread: hence the reference to Chorleywood Bookshop.

A Special Request to Parents

To be frank, our children’s reading standards are not as good as we would like. Our school is always striving to improve your child’s reading.   With this in mind, we have decided to try a pioneering experiment in which we would like all parents and guardians with a child aged 9 to take part.

Our guess is that if they don’t see significant adults enjoying a book, children will think that books are just things that teachers bang on about in school. They’ll think that in the “real world”, reading doesn’t matter. So here’s an idea that might make a real difference to your child’s progess in school and beyond.

We plan to check on your child’s reading-level. Then, over a period of 4 weeks, we would like you to be seen by your child reading a book, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. Any book will do, though Chorleywood Bookshop has provided some suggestions for good short reads, all of which are readily available from libraries or bookshops.

Unless your child mentions it, say nothing about your book to the child. Simply be seen by him or her to be engrossed in it now and then.  If the child does remark on it, say that it was recommended to you and that you’re giving it a try.

Keep a record of (roughly) the number of minutes per day during which the child is aware that you are spending time with a book.

At the end of the trial period, we’d like to find out how you got on and will report back to you about your child’s reading progress.

Please sign here to confirm that you are willing/ unwilling to take part in the experiment. Your response will be treated confidentially.


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