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March 25 Gods, Heroes and Chimney Sweeps

March 25, 2013 - Filed under: Blog - Leave a comment

Bleak outside. Enough to get the Fotherington-Thomas in me going again.  Hark, the sound of the dustcart and the merry rumble of the recyclables.

Idled about yesterday, mostly reading The Oldie, a copy of which my darling brought back with her from a scouting outing to the Cruise Show; and The Song of Achilles. I’ve been mockingly subjected to The Oldie before and hitherto put off by the mannered nastiness and spite of Richard Ingrams. The April issue carries several bracing letters from Disgruntled of Harrow complaining about just that, but also has some terrific reviews – including one for the follow-up to Restoration which I must order up immediately.  I’m reading The Song of Achilles on the recommendation of Ann who has given it a going over with her book club. It’s a gripper – and a handy who’s-who for people like myself who struggle to keep in mind the family trees of the gods and heroes who fought in the Trojan War. (Incidentally, I didn’t have a clue before I got going on it about the steamy love affair between Patroclus and Achilles. Roger Lancelyn Green must have scrubbed round that bit.)

Speaking of family-trees: Ian Whybrow of Stapleford, Kent phoned yesterday. Ian, son of Arthur who is the grandson and great-grandson of Henrys, both of Rochester. There’s chimney sweeping and rope-making and navy-blood in this lot (no gods, but a few heroes) so somewhere along Ian’s tangled line of the labouring Warfortresses, we almost certainly connect. I must rummage among the Henry Ws and see how they connect to the Edward Ws (my dad and grandfather). Spoke on the phone, too, to Ian Whybrow’s 7 year-old son, Zac who explained seriously and in great detail the racing game that he and his dad and granddad had just set up where things get blasted at high speed along a track. That’s families for you.

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