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March 26th. Nightmayor

March 26, 2013 - Filed under: Blog - Leave a comment

I should never have watched that programme on Boris after Ann and I returned from a grueling choir practice last night. My sleep was disturbed at intervals by toothy flashbacks of the boy himself shaking his gory locks like Banquo’s ghost and giggling his way out of all sorts of serious scrapes as rewound for him by the teacherly, firm but fair Michael Cockerel.

“ ‘e mikes everybody lave im,” conceded Ken with an admiring shake of his own lockless head. What he meant was: “Trouble is, ee gits awhy wiv murder better’n wot I do.” Deeply worrying then to think he might be on course to lead the country.

Thus, disturbed at regular intervals by him and the groans of a wayward Saniflo toilet, I am ready for nothing this morning.

The Candidate

He twists his hair & gabbles
With a giggle and a shrug.
He gets away with murder,
Then he wants a little hug.

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